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The Mystery of the Music Box


The Mystery of the Music Box


The Girl’s Craft Store is famous for its beautiful music boxes. All the little girls in the world would love to received a music box from this store. What makes the music box distinct from all other is the delicate, smooth and almost perfect little doll dancing when you open the music box. The sound coming from it can make any girl feel calm and beautiful.

Claire is the queen bee of South Eastern University. She’s only 16 but all men fall to their knees when they see her. Because of this beauty, Claire will use men to get what she wanted. Some of these things are asking a nerd guy to do her assignments with the promise of going on a date with him, which never happens. She would also ask someone to buy her food, clothing, bag or gadget. She would also get out from any trouble she finds herself in. All the other women hates her but wants to be like her. All the men like to have her but she never allows anyone to have her.

Then, one Friday morning, all the students of South Eastern University were called to the school’s auditorium. They said that Girl’s Craft Store is looking for a new model. And there will people from the company who will go around and spot female students who can be a candidate. Everyone was excited. Claire promised to herself that she will be the next model of the Girl’s Craft Store besides who else can beat her when it comes to beauty?

Then, on the final selection, 10 of the most beautiful women in the school were invited to the company’s warehouse. After 5 hours of asking questions, standing in front of a camera, taking pictures, the selection was down to two women, Claire and Belle.

During the break, Claire approached Belle.

“Hi, I never noticed you at school before” there is no friendliness on her voice.

“Ummm, yeah. I am rarely noticed.”

Then, Christoff, the head photographer, approached them.

“Hi girls, congratulations. We are now down into the two of you.” The smile on Christoff’s face can make any woman take their breath away. It is also easy to be comfortable with him. He never shouted at them or give negative comments during the selection process. Both Claire and Belle are listening with him with enthusiasm.

“There are few things we need to ask of you. Here’s a parent’s permit. You need to ask your parents to sign it so you can fly with us to our main office. The final selection will happen there. Do you think you can do that?”

“Absolutely” answered Claire eagerly while Belle just shook her head.

“Good. Now, I want both of you to be back here tomorrow at 10am. Don’t worry about your school, we already inform them.”

The two girls were escorted by the craft store’s personnel out of the warehouse.

Then, a man appeared, walked towards Christoff.

“So, who do you choose among them?” the man asked.

“I am thinking both of them” answered Christoff coldly.

“Both of us know that we cannot choose two women”

“I know, but it is better to have an alternative if the other cannot make it”

“You have to make sure that this one works. Remember, we only have one diamond left.” Then the man walked out. Christoff has to control his temper when the man is around. Besides, he owes his life to him. But there are times that he wished he shouldn’t have accepted his help. His slavery to the man’s wishes on gives him pain and suffering. Besides, those women. They haven’t done anything to deserve it. Christoff felt helpless  now more than ever before.

The next morning, on the car going back to the warehouse, both Claire and Belle are sitting quietly at the back seat. A man on the wheel suddenly stopped the car and looked at the two women.

“Why are we stopping?” asked Claire with irritation on her voice.

“Look, you shouldn’t go back there.” The man said.

“Why?” now both women asked the man.

Then, a the man looked at them.

“Daniel?” Claire recognized him immediately.

“Listen, those men are evil. You will never come back alive if you go there.”

Now, fear is in the air.

“Come on Daniel, what’s this nonsense? Can’t you wait for me to come back after the final selection? I told you I will say yes to you when I came back.”

“Oh please Claire, I told you I am not interested to you” he is looking at Belle.

“Oh, you’re kidding yourself Daniel. The popular guy likes a quiet, lousy, boring girl? Haven’t you realized that the queen bee only deserves the best man in campus? We are perfect match!”

Belle is quite all this time.

“Say whatever you want to say Claire but here’s the thing. My sister was selected three years ago. But she never came back.”

“But she met an accident right” Claire said.

“No she’s not. When my sister disappeared three years ago, I investigated the company. Haven’t you noticed how incredibly accurate the little doll inside each Girl’s Craft Shop Music Box?”

Belle is not alarmed with what she heard. But Claire just laughed.

“Of course because that’s how great they are in making those music box. Come on Daniel, stop this nonsense.”

“No, Claire. The reason why those are almost perfect is because the women they get from different schools are….”

Then, suddenly someone knocks on the window of the car on the side of Daniel. All three of them jumped out of surprised.

Daniel lowered down her window.

“Yes, officer?” Daniel asked nervously.

“We received a report that this car was taken. Please go out of the car sir”

But Daniel did not moved.

“Officer, I think you are mistaken. This is my car and these girls here are my friends”

The officer looked at the two women on the backseat both are silently and looked terrified.

“I think you need to go out now sir”

But Daniel remained inside the car. Planning of what to do next. But the officer suddenly put his hand inside the car and unlocked the door and open it. He grabbed Daniel out of the car.

Both Claire and Belle screamed.

“Don’t worry ladies, you are safe.” A hot looking guy said looking at them from the window in the driver’s seat.

“Thank you officer. I will take this from here.” Then, the man went inside the car and started the engine.

“Stop them! I am not the one you should arrest! Murderer! Belle! Go out of the car now!”

But its too late. The car is far away now. With the two women unusually quiet because of fear. No one dared to ask question. The man introduce himself and said that his name is Mark. He said that he is the head of the security of the Girl’s Craft Store and that he will make sure that they will arrive safely at the warehouse.

When they reached the warehouse, they saw a small jet parked on the spacious area on the right side of the warehouse. They were greeted by Christoff, who asked to go inside the jet immediately. Claire and Belle noticed the exchanged looks between Christoff and the man named Mark. Both of them felt there’s something wrong. But either of them wanted to do anything.

They flew for a few hours. Then, they arrived in a private island, neither of the two women did not know where in the world it is located. They landed in a big old castle. Now, both of them are really scared. Claire finally had a courage to speak.

“What are you going to do with us?”


Christoff looked at them with no expression at all.

“Oh come on, what do think? Are we going to offer you as a sacrifice so our business will remain successful and we remain alive? Where do you think you are? We are on the 21th century now”

Both of the women suddenly feel relaxed.

“I hate that Daniel! I will punch on his face when we get back!”

Both women were ushered towards the castle. Both of them were given separate bedrooms. The whole afternoon were filled with instructions on what will happen the next day. Though Christoff emphasizes that they might choose only one person as the Chosen One but the other one can be a reserve if the Chosen One cannot fulfill their expectations.

The night fell. Claire cannot go back to sleep so she went out of her room. She suddenly find herself peaking at a small opening on a door on the far end of the hall where they are staying. She heard Christoff and Mark’s voices.

“I only need one” Mark is saying

Claire’s interest was fired up. She wants to know if who among them were the Chosen One.

“Again, we can just dispose the other one if we have to. Again, Claire is just a reserved. If Belle failed atleast we don’t have to do the same process again. Remember, we don’t have time left.”

Claire heard Christoff is saying. Claire’s eyes were wide open. She couldn’t believe it. They’ve chosen Belle over her? This is not happening! When she was about to open the door and speak up, a creepy cries sounded all over the castle. Claire looked around. The cries are real. What’s happening? Who is that girl crying? Is it a ghost?

“It’s the cry of the first ever woman we sacrificed and gave us eternal life and make our business successful” answered by a voice at Claire’s back. Claire slowly looked back and saw the evil faces of Christoff and Mark who were now standing in the door looking at him.

Claire’s scream is the last sound that proved that she lived.