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5 Reasons Why I Don’t Have My Man Yet

For the past three years, I allow myself to receive and experience self-love. It is not because I am deeply hurt from my past relationship that I find myself promising that I will not love again but because I realized, I am loving others but forgot to love the most important person in the world, myself.

Now that I told God that I am ready to receive the man who will journey with me in this lifetime, I found myself with the following realizations, that maybe, just maybe, these are the very reasons why he has not knock on the door of my heart.

1. He is focus on buioding his career. He wants to be a man wjom he can be proud of himself as much as I, and the family that we will build, can be proud of him.

2. He is building his financial independence. He loves himself and his family so much that he allow himself to learn how to earn, save and grow his money. In doing so, he will be able to not just share this blessings with our future family but to pass on these wisdom to our children and grandchildren.

3. He is learning to understand himself as he interacts with others. Building lasting and loving relationships is one of his priorities. He might not have learned it from his family but he is taking responsibility to undertand his responses to the different people he meets. So, in return, he will be able to express himself fully.

4. He is taking care of his health. He might not yet reached his ideal physical health but he is taking the time to watch what he puts inside his mouth. As he build this habit, he will share it with his family, so we will enjoy our life together, staying strong and healthy.

5. He is allowing God to change what needs to be changed about himself as God is preparing him to receive the woman of his life, me.

To the man who is also wondering where I am now, please remember the reasons above, for these same reasons why you don’t have your woman yet, me.