Words are Empty


Words. What are they? Words are combination of letters that we assign to a specific thing, person, action, event, place, ideas and a lot more. But knowing a word does not mean experiencing whatever that it represent.

I love words. Maybe this is the reason why I choose to be an English teacher. I am fascinated by how words can describe a place, can stir up emotions, can bring up memories. But as I grow older, I appreciate words more when I experience it.

For example: paradise


The word paradise has different meaning to a lot of different people, for me paradise can be a place where I can see God’s magnificent creation. I love mountains and lakes and oceans, and when I am in these places, I experience paradise.

Another word is friendship. Everyone knows the dictionary meaning of friendship but the true essence of this word can only be felt by those who are experiencing it. I am blessed to have a lot of friends. Through them, I understood what friendship really means. When I talk about friendship, I remember them. Here are some of my friends. Forgive me for those I failed to include their pictures here, like what I said, I have a lot of friends.

writing friends.jpgMy writing friends. Our friendship was formed because of our desire to become writers. It is good to experience friendship with those who have the same passion that you have.

LLR.jpgNow, they are my newly found friends when I attended a Single’s Retreat. They are fun and amazing people whose imperfections are offered to God and therefore transformed into something beautiful. It is great to experience friendship with those who like me are also stumbled and failed but never give up and stand up again.


They are my friends on the meditation group that I belonged to. It is amazing how being together in silence can strengthen friendship.

And my last example is the word Love.


We know the intellectual meaning of the word Love but we will never understand its power if we never experienced it. Men go to war to fight for love. Women endured the pain of waiting, of labor, because of love. Impossible become possible because of love. Though some attached some negative meaning to the word Love, I believe we as human beings still choose to love.

I will close this with the words from St. Paul,

“If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.” 1 Corinthian 13:1

Yes, words are empty until you give them meaning. You can only give them meaning if you experienced it. Use words wisely. Use it to build and not to destroy. Use it to show compassion and care and not hatred. Use it to love because in doing so, living here on earth has a beautiful meaning.





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