My Essence is Heart

Today, I am blessed to attend the Day of Stillness and Silence at Benpres Building under the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM). We had Sir Rivkha Rogacion, RGS who shared about “Grounding your Essence with Meditation”. She talked about the different types of Essence. Though everyone have these essences but there is always one dominant. She shared that the three major essence of a person is the Head, the Heart and the Gut.

What I love about Sister Rivkha’s sharing is that she done through demonstration. She picked up three people from the audience and told us certain signals that will tell us which has the Head, the Heart or the Gut essence. And through these people we identify what essence we have.

At first, I thought I have the head essence. I think a lot and most of my friends would tell me how mental I am. But as the demonstration went by, I realized I have the heart essence.

The World of the Heart Essence

I always see the goodness in a person. Before I judge him, I will easily give my trust. Believing that “All men are good”. Though the negative side of that, I am easily abused by people. Sister Rivkha said that our own essence when it is pushed into something intolerable became our own weakness.

“Our own essence cannot be changed”, according to Sister Rivkha.  We are fashioned by God when we are inside our mother’s womb. The changes seen on the pregnant mother is not the qualities the mother gave to her child but the child’s characteristics shown through the mother. Sister’s words are “the mother was somehow possessed by the child inside her womb.” And the interesting thing about it is that, once the mother gave birth to the child, the mother returned to her own self, her true essence.

Now, I appreciate myself more. It seems that this sharing answered my questions to God this week, “Why I am like this? Why I am so emotional. Why I easily get depressed. Why I think of others so much while I have to think of myself first.” Also, I appreciate others more. It seems a heavy burden was lift in my shoulders. I don’t have to change others. I don’t have to change myself. All I have to do is to accept who I am and who others are. Yes, a person will always have negative side but I just have to remember that these negatives sprung from the positive side of their essence. And that, in the end, all is well.


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