On Taking Pictures


       Lately, I learned the art of taking selfies. I guess this change on my perspective of taking my own picture changed after I took the trilogy signature leadership program given by OCCI few months ago. During my Leap journey, I am part of the Leap 61: Wholehearted, I learned the fact that I am physically beautiful. You might find this something funny and shallow but for a person who believes for the longest time that being physically beautiful is bad and unattractive this discovery is huge.

      C360_2014-12-15-18-24-38-281I found myself enjoying when I took pictures of some events in my life. Last December 15, 2014, I went to watch a movie with a friend. This is unplanned and this is the first time I watched a movie with Rona Bartolini. I met Rona during our Truly Rich Club events, as I am a staff and she is a volunteer. Somehow me and Rona clicked instantly. We would talk like some old friends and I enjoy her company.

      We watched the movie “The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies”. We met at SM Megamall in the afternoon of Dec. 15, to get the book that I borrowed from her. While sitting I just shared with her that I like to watch a movie but I don’t want to do it if I’ll watch alone. To my delight, she said she also wanted to watch a movie. So we decided that I’ll wait for her at Starbucks as I do some work while she go to her meeting. By 4 in the afternoon we watched the movie at Edsa Shangrila Cinema 2.


        This is my latest favorite. I took this selfie last November 30, 2014 at St. Paul University in Quezon City when I attended the Sayawit 2014, a celebration of song and dance prepared by the high school students from Manila, Quezon City, Rizal, Marikina and Laguna who are the members of the Salikana Bayan, a religious school organization headed by the religious congregation of the Alagad Ni Maria Seminary.

       I can say that during this time, I feel depressed and weighed down by different concerns of life. But I guess looking at this picture, no one can say that I am experiencing such difficulties. I guess what i have in this photo is the genuine joy I have inside. Besides being with the SLK Family made my love tank full of love and acceptance.

     I recently had a date and though the date ended well, my date asked me if we can have picture together. I politely refused. I saw the confusion on his face when I said it so I immediately explained to him. “Hey, don’t be hurt. I really don’t take pictures in a romantic date. I prefer to have the memories in my head than on a picture.” I guess, he understood because he smiled.

    I guess, creating memories is still more important than capturing a moment in a photo. Yes, you will have a tangible evidence of the event but sometimes the beautiful things don’t need to be put in a frame. I learned this truth from the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.

Credit to the owner of the picture used in the beginning: http://folkfoto.co.uk/taiking-photos-22.jpg


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