Conversation with Den

Disclaimer: This conversation is based on my reflections and on how God would talk to me. I don’t claim any supernatural occurrences throughout these exchange of dialogue.

I believe that God always tries to talk to us. He always wanted to tell us something, to reassure us, to remind us, to guide us. But because of the things we have to do everyday, we failed to listen to Him, we failed to recognize His voice. As I went back to meditation, I gave myself the gift of silence. And in those moments, I hear God’s voice clearly. Who can say that it is the truth. Who can say it is not just a product of my creative imagination. But these things doesn’t matter anymore. I am here to prove myself. I am not here to please anybody. I am not here to save the world. I am here to experience LIFE. The gift that God willingly and happily gave me. – Den, Nov. 06, 2014 6:03pm

November 06, 2014

God: Den, you are so busy again today.

God uses everything to slow her down. She went to different places to finish her requirements for her second job. If you think that God is upset with Den for being so busy today and ignoring Him, well, He is. You know God is all. All emotions came from him. No one can blame him for being upset, He misses her precious daughter.

Den: Lord, are you there? Can you hear the celebration outside?

She is now inside the St. Therese of the Child Jesus Adoration Chapel. After a tiring day, she decided to go there to find peace. She’s been busy for the past two days now and she needs more energy and enthusiasm to continue doing what she has to do.

God: Yes, I am here. I am always here. Yeah, I can hear the happy music inside the church. A couple just got married.

Den: Lord, may they have a great marriage. I know you created it to be a wonderful thing.

God: (smiled) Yes, they will have a wonderful marriage. I’m happy you started praying for other people again.

Den: (she had a teary eyes when a thought came to her)

God: Not again Den. (He just read her thoughts and his heart felt the pain she is feeling right now). Remember, I promised you that you’ll have a great relationship. Ofcourse you will have someone who will bring you in the altar.

Den: Lord, why can’t I have that kind of relationship? (still she’s doubting)

God: You are not listening again my child. (He embraced her)

Den: (now crying) Thank You Lord. Thank You for your unconditional love. (She looks at the host in front of her). Thank You. I know he will come. (Her heart now is full of hope)

God: There you go. You know I will always be here for you. I will not give you the man that you want but the man that you need.

Den: (remembers what she learned from the LEAP Program that she took) The man that I need not the man that I want. Hahaha Lord! You are really funny. (sighed) But thank You. I feel more at peace now.

God: I have an idea! Why not create a conversation with me. That way we can talk more often! (God is the master of excitement)

Den: (feel something inside of her heart) A blog post. Ah no, a category in my blog. Conversation with God. (but she remembers the book “Conversation with God”) No, I cannot do that.

God: Why not? Or if you want Conversation with Den. My conversation with you. How I tried every time to talk to you. I will show you how I did them. Please say yes to this idea. I longed to be with you. I wanted to talk to you always.

Den: (took a deep breath) Okay Lord, I will make that “Conversation with Den”. But Lord, it can be controversial or something, I might be judged.

God: (smiled) So what?

Den: (laugh to herself) What am I thinking? controversial? It will not be. (took a deep breath again) Okay Lord let’s do it! 🙂

God: That’s my child. Now, come on let’s pass those papers so we can start my conversation with you.


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