Creating Moments

As a person who likes to rationalized and find logic in everything I do, being spontaneous is really challenging for me. I would battle with my mind if I’ll do certain things that I just thought of at that moment. My mind would ask me questions like “Why do you want to do it? It has no future benefit for you.” “That would be a waste of time. Focus on the things you have to accomplish today.” “That’s nonsense. Forget it.” I thanked God I was able to learn how to listen to my heart now. πŸ™‚

Here are some activities I did last October 31, 2014. Remember that these activities are not planned but the joy and happiness I got is worth it. πŸ™‚

1. Taking selfies while waiting. Before, I hate taking my pictures. It all came from my negative view of myself. I tend to tell others before that I am an ugly duckling. Though I love the drama inside of this story, the magnificent ending wherein the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan, I am stuck in being the ugly duckling. I never thought that I am capable of actually being the beautiful swan. I thanked God because of His persistence of telling me how beautiful I am, I finally embraced this truth and now, indeed I can say I am beautiful.

C360_2014-10-31-16-16-00-773 C360_2014-10-31-16-19-21-552

2. Take pictures of the things I love. If you will meet me last year and ask me to take a picture with a big masscot of the movie that I told you I love to watch, I will tell you with irritation in my voice “I don’t want to do it.” Why? because for me that would be humiliating! Who would like to take their picture beside a masscot of some movie? That would be insane! Well, that was me before. And now, I am proud to say, Yes I am crazy!!! I went crazy when I saw this big masscot of the hero in the movie Big Hero 6. After dragging my friend to take our pictures together some onlookers did the same thing! πŸ™‚


3. Try new things once in a while. When my friend Joan and I were on our way out of SM Manila, I remember that I like to try the Korean Ice Cream that I’ve been dreaming of trying since I saw the store 3 weeks ago. I just blurted out to my friend that I like to try it, and she totally agree!!! After buying, we took our picture to remind us of what it tastes like to eat some foreign ice cream! I thanked God I am not confined with the things that I am familiar. And I love the thrill of discovering the unknown! πŸ™‚


4. If you want to sing, just sing! I am amazed by the power of thought in this event. While I’m staying at Max’s eating my lunch and doing some work, the resto is playing some music. I just found myself singing along. Then, I thought I want to sing in a videoke. I’m not sure if my friend will agree with my idea, I dismissed it. After attending the Feast Manila, I shared to my friend how I found myself singing at Max’s earlier, and to my surprise she told me that she loves singing in a videoke. She even suggested this beautiful videoke place, Music 21 at Timog. We sing our heart out for 2 hours! Believe me, I enjoy it! Why? I haven’t sung holding the microphone that long in a videoke because most of the time my friends would always sing and I’m just singing along. This is a great advantage when you just go with a friend, with only the two of you laughing and screaming while singing! πŸ™‚

C360_2014-10-31-22-06-37-284 C360_2014-10-31-20-50-29-007 C360_2014-10-31-20-36-51-257

5. Spending time with friends. I met my friend Joan 2 years ago as both of us serves at UP Campus Feast, UP Diliman Campus. We haven’t met for a couple of months this year when she graduated and started working. But the months of no communication didn’t matter because we just spend most of our time together sharing and updating each other on what happened to us since the last time we saw each other. Joan, is a loving and kind woman. I am grateful for the friendship I had with her. I know we will have more adventures together.

C360_2014-10-31-20-50-29-007 C360_2014-10-31-20-36-51-257 C360_2014-10-31-20-09-39-850

Creating moments means doing the things you always wanted to do but have a difficult time deciding when to do it. Remember that life is short so enjoy it! I remember what I learned from the audiobook I am listening to the other day, “When we die, we will leave this physical body that we have, the money we earn, the material things we accumulated, all that is left are the memories we created when we are still alive.” So, go on! create moments that you will treasure forever even after you die. πŸ™‚


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