Hi! we meet again…


I consider my life an “Okay Life”. I have friends, I live with my family, I have my job. I thought I am okay.

As I realized how empty my life is, I decided I wanted to change.


After thinking about what I really wanted to be, an answer came. I took a trilogy program given by OCCI where I recognize the possibility of me, living my life 100%.


So I look back to where I started.


I went back to the hospital where I was born 26 years ago.


I met these hardworking, loving and passionate nurses of Sorsogon Provincial Hospital. Yes, they are not the same people who took care of my mom and I but they have the same love and passion as those nurses had before.

IMG-20140813-00491 IMG-20140814-00539

I also went back to the Mayon Elementary School in Mayon, Daraga Albay where I studied during my 2nd grade. Also, I went to Bogna Integrated School in Bonga Bacon Sorsogon where I studied during my 4th grade.

IMG-20140813-00494 1408007931179 1408007516290

I met these wonderful people along my way. I saw my Grade 2 teacher again, which by the way, she still teaching Grade 2 in the same school where I studied before.


I learned new things, like taking selfie!!! 🙂


But ultimately, I met the most important person in the world. The person whom I took in every place I’ve been through. The person whom I longed to be with. The person whom I love to see the smiles that brightens my whole world. 


Her name is Den. I am glad to meet her again…









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